Are you being cheated on?

Top ten ways: Are you being cheated on? 

10. He or she may be cheating on you if they never answer their cell phone in your presence. 

9. He or she pauses before he says your name. Yes, he may be making sure in his mind that you are who he or she thinks you are. 

8. Your cheating partner is finally a good home-maker, washing their clothes as soon as they get home. 

7. You find a pregnancy test in the trash, even though you haven’t had sex in over nine months. This is surely a sign that you are a victim of an unfaithful lover. 

6. He or she will buy you gifts out of guilt. When individuals cheat, they feel as if they have to give something to the unfortunate victim in order to make themselves feel a little better. 

5. He or she doesn’t look you in eyes. He used to look you in the eyes because you was looking at more stunning features you had, now it’s because he doesn’t like lying to you. 

4. His or her schedule changes. Yes, suddenly that 8-5 job has a lot more company socials and get togethers. Or maybe the computers at work are having troubles. No, your love is not messing with computers, he or she is messing with something a little more fun. 

3. He or she will usually not answer his or her cell phone the first time you call. Or, they may call you back a few minutes after you call. This is because they are in the bathroom calling you back. 

2. They are out with the guys or the girls…you are not invited. Oh, they are friends you never heard them talk about. “New” friends. 

1. All your friends tell you that you are being cheated on. They saw it with their own eyes. But you defend your love after he or she tells you…”it wasn’t me, it was my twin”…or “she took advantage of me”.

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